School life & Curriculum

ECIS / CIS certificates of membership
ECIS / CIS certificates of membership


Our School

We offer a full day educational program from 7:30 – 5:30 pm for children ages three to six. Our core time with a variety of educational activities is from 9:00 – 3:15 pm.

  • International teaching staff trained to do interdisciplinary project and group work
  • Regular members of ECIS and CIS
  • Bilingual English and German – each group has at least one native English teacher. English is the primary language of instruction and communication.
  • An active parent school association, Förderverein Internationale Schule und Preschool am Schuldorf Bergstrasse e.V., enjoys the support of many industries such as Merck, Fraport, Evonik, Bilfinger and Beringer, HSE Stiftung and Lufthansa Training Center.
  • Parent Representatives and Classroom Moms and Dads who support the work done in classrooms.
Children´s work - castle
Children´s work - castle


Letterland Artwork
Letterland Artwork
community project work
community project work
number work
number work


One of our primary goals is to provide children with the opportunity to become enthusiastic learners in both English and German. We have created a language rich environment at our Preschool, which fosters bilingualism. Children have the opportunity to learn languages in a natural way, without pressure, by interacting daily with native English and German speakers. It is important to note that the International Preschool is not a language school that puts children under pressure to learn a language quickly. We respect the child’s individual learning pace.

The Preschool has three groups of mixed-age children. Children also have the opportunity to work in smaller same-age groups (Workshops) throughout the day to enhance their learning. Workshops include:

  • English – for those children who need extra language support
  • German – for those children who need extra language support
  • five year old club – equivalent to Reception class in the UK or Kindergarten in the USA
  • Soccer

Each group has a native English speaking teacher as well as native German speaking teachers.

Our curriculum is based on the Foundation Stages of learning, which is a fundamental part of the British National Curriculum. We have adapted these stages of learning to meet and support the multilingual needs of the children in our Preschool. These stages of learning are designed to underpin all future learning by supporting children in all of their areas of development. It is divided into the following areas of learning:

  • Personal, social and emotional development: In this area of learning special attention is placed on developing social skills, learning to become a valued member of the classroom community as well as developing strong self-esteem. In mixed-age groups children can learn from one another.
  • Communication, language and literacy: Here children can communicate in a wide variety of situations. This area provides children who are learning English as a second language with many opportunities to practice their growing language skills in authentic contexts. We also work with Letterland, a special literacy program designed to enhance children’s understanding of the written word.
  • We also offer German. Children learn about life in Germany through a variety of games, songs and rhymes as well as celebrating German festivals.  Because of our special emphasis on language, all children regardless of their home language can join our Preschool. In an international community like the Preschool, children and their families have a unique opportunity to learn about and respect different languages and thus become “world citizens.”
  • Mathematics: Children can explore numbers, patterns and shapes as well as develop the appropriate vocabulary to talk about their discoveries.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world: This area of learning is a hands-on approach to exploring the world. All of the children’s senses are ‘tickled’ and their natural curiosity about the world is supported.
  • Physical development: This area emphasizes the development of children’s fine and gross motor skills as well as understanding and caring for their bodies so they can grow up safe and healthy.
  • Creative development: Children are encouraged to explore and express their feelings and thoughts through art, music, drama and movement.

Additionally we offer weekly Book Bag Day where children can bring home a book from our school library, School Garden where the children grow herbs, flowers and some veggies, and a wide variety of Field Trips.

Regular assessments of children’s development are carried out twice a year as well as Parent-Teacher conferences. 


School cafeteria
School cafeteria
a classroom
a classroom

Preschool Daily Schedule

  •  7:30
  •  8:30-9:00
    Breakfast together with group
  •  9:00     
    Morning Circle in the group
  • 9:30-10:00 
    Outside Play
  • 10:00-11:30 
    Workshops and Curricular Activities based on themes
    Workshops: ESL and German language five year old club, Soccer
  •  11:30-11:45    
    Clean up and get ready for lunch
  •  11:45-12:30    
    Warm Lunch
  •  12:30-13:45   
    Quiet time/Outside Play (relax/activities)
  •  14:00-15:00   
    Workshops and Activity time – ESL, five year olds, including fruit snack
  •  15:00-15:15   
    Closing Circle
  •  15:15-17:30   
    Free play/Snack time/Pick up